About the Book

The My Father’s Business book is written from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Specifically, it is written for entrepreneurs of faith who are looking to either create or take their existing businesses to higher level of success.  Powerful principles from the Bible are used to guide the entrepreneur along the journey of wealth creation.

I have been inspired by great entrepreneurs like Dr. Stanley Tam who I personally met and interviewed when he was 92 years old. During his lifetime, Dr. Tam was able to contribute more than a quarter of a billion dollars through the profits of his business to causes that support the carrying out of the Great Commission. He also led thousands of individuals that he and his business came in contact with to a personal relationship with God.

This book covers the entrepreneurship journey from startup to growth and then eventually to a successful exit. The book equips entrepreneurs with the tools that they will need to successfully grow and create wealth from a spiritual perspective.

You will be inspired, motivated and equipped to powerfully move your business forward through the timeless spiritual principals of the Bible.

The book is written in three parts.

Part 1 – In the Beginning

Establishes the spiritual foundation of business and the essential qualities that an entrepreneur must have in order to partner with God in their business.

Part 2 – And the Word Was Made Flesh

Provides power principles to transform an abstract business idea into a  startup.  Accompanying best practices principles equip the entrepreneur to avoid many of the pitfalls of neophyte entrepreneur

Part 3 – A Land Flowing with Milk & Honey

Principals discussed in this section, guides the entrepreneur to the wealth creation stage of the business and the joy that can be realized.  Additional best practices principles supports the entrepreneur in this phase of the business process.